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Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Marketing is a great way to promote your brand or product by online. Through a proper Digital Marketing Strategy A Person can get his/her
targeted customer and can increase his/her sales.

Social Media Marekting is a Part Of Digital Marketing. Nowadays every small
business is trying to catch more customers by online. The only reason
why social media became important for small businesses is people are getting
more involved on online. They are more active on online. To get huge customers
small businesses need to use social media as well.

SEO stands for Serach Engine Marketing which is an important part of Digital Marketing.
If you are a blogger you need to apply SEO on your blog. It helps you
to get organic traggic, to rank your blog higher on search result and so on.

A blog is like a diary. Here you can share many things as you want. Not only that, a blog can
be your income generator. You can create passive income from your blog.
How you can do this?
Sell your courses, html template, php project, ppt template and other digtial services.
Not just that, you can earn from online advertising sites like Google Adsense, Media.net etc.